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Education Programs

Our Education Programs aim to close the gap between the students who could excel in school but do not have the financial means to pay for their education, are disadvantaged and live in marginalized African Communities. The Education program will provide for the following: 
    Tuition Fees
    Accommodation Fees 
    Monthly Stipend to cater for standard living expenses
Our Selection Criteria gives us the opportunity to target beneficiaries of low income citizens, orphans, the disabled, victims of HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis, Cancer and Sugar Diabetes. We look closely into the individual’s personal life story so that we do not miss a chance to help.
African Community Education Program is a grassroots community fund dedicated to improving education, development and opportunity for the disadvantaged in African communities.

Leadership Programs

African Leadership Program is a Leadership Program designed for the beneficiaries of the African Community Education Scholarship to reinforce their natural abilities of creativity and help fulfill their passions by preparing them for future leadership roles working towards the fulfillment of the African dream.

Our African Leadership Program is designed to enhance and promote the abilities of passionate and creative students through coaching, training and mentoring. Thus, developing confident and empowered future African leaders.  The African Leadership Program will provide for the following: 
    Mentor-Mentee matching 
    Entrepreneurship Training 
    Life Coaching and orientation 

This program which is complementary to our main Education program prepares young people for future leadership roles. We see our beneficiaries as future entrepreneurs who will help to create jobs, rather than they could normally flood the labour market.

Our partnerships with global institutions enable us to achieve this objective.

Student Exchange Programs

The ACFE Canada gives many Canadian students aspiring to do work in International Development, an opportunity to spend part of their studies in Africa (South Africa and Zimbabwe) doing some internships which involves intensive work experiences with the ACFE Canada, the ACFE Group, and other partner Non-Governmental Organizations.

ACFE Canada on Campus

The ACFE Canada will be setting up student organizations at campuses across Canada. Get an opportunity to volunteer and work with us as a student at your campus. Contact us to learn more.

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