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Meet Alexis Fafard, Canadian Pilot & Lawyer joining our Board of Directors

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Mr. Alexis J.D. Fafard (Canadian)

Lawyer, Pilot & Vice-President at Ottawa Aviation Services

LL.L (University of Ottawa), Juris Doctor (University of Ottawa), Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Bar Admission to Law Society of Ontario

An energetic, committed, and efficient bi-lingual policy and business professional with four years of legislative experience at the Senate of Canada, Alexis J.D. Fafard is a Canadian lawyer, Aviator, and Entrepreneur. Upon graduation from the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law, in both the common law and civil law curricula, he began his career as a policy advisor to several prominent Canadian parliamentarians in the Senate of Canada. He was engaged with several stakeholder personnel involved in important economic sectors including energy, transportation and high-tech industries while interacting with several parliamentary inquiries. Having always been particularly interested in the aviation industry, Alexis currently flies with Ottawa Aviation Services Inc. and contributes to the company’s business development as its Vice President. 

Passionate about flight training and the development of efficient vehicles to disseminate knowledge widely, Alexis strongly believes in the use of advanced and creative technology to deliver efficient high-quality flight training, given the current and growing global pilot shortage. He is also deeply convinced that the aviation industry could be used as a stronger economic engine to boost third-world economies and employ youth to create a more resilient middle class in emerging democracies. For example, it is projected that the African continent will need more than 30,000 airline pilots within the next 10 years. This is an urgent reality. There is an enormous opportunity to create substantial initiatives for women and youth empowerment in Africa.

When Alexis is not preoccupied at Ottawa Aviation Services, he can be spotted in the skies of Canada piloting a variety of aircraft.

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