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Lila Ibrahim appoints Lauren Lehman as Assistant Executive Director

Ms. Lauren Lehman (Canadian)

Assistant Executive Director

African Community Fund for Education Canada

MA. Geography (University of Ottawa); BA. Biology & Env. Sci. (University of Ottawa)

About Lauren Lehman

Ms. Lauren Lehman is the Assistant Executive Director of the African Community Fund for Education Canada. As a Former Educator and Teaching Assistant, Lauren understands firsthand the importance of accessible and sustainable education and is passionate about being part of a team helping to empower future African leaders. Lauren is skilled in community organizing and has worked with various organizations including Textbooks for Change and Ecology Ottawa where she worked on expanding community partnerships and strengthening networks in and around Ottawa, Ontario. During her time with Textbooks for Change, Lauren also gained a critical understanding of the barriers faced by members of the African community during their post-secondary education and has worked to alleviate some of these barriers by providing free textbooks and educational material to students in West African.  

Lauren is currently completing a Master’s of Arts degree in Geography at the University of Ottawa where she is studying barriers to intervention services for children with special needs. Lauren hopes that her strong research skills and expertise will help strength ACFE Canada’s leadership and that together with the help of all Canadians be able enact positive change within the African community.

Executive Director, Lila Ibrahim believes Lauren has a true passion and commitment to grow with the African Community Fund for Education Canada, and to impact positively in the development of the African community. Lauren has started her role by intervening in the processes of volunteer recruitment and administration, programming for ACFE Canada activities in Africa, and preparing for first visit to Africa, and realigning herself toward strategy and planning for ACFE Canada.

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