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Lila Ibrahim appointed as Executive Director for ACFE Canada

Ms Lila Ibrahim (Canadian)

Interim Executive Director - ACFE Canada

African Community Fund for Education Canada -

Fonds Communautaire Africain pour L'Education Canada

International Development Professional

Bachelor of Social Science, International Development & Globalisation (University of Ottawa)

The ACFE Canada’s Board of Directors has appointed Ms Lila Ibrahim as Head of Office and Country Affairs for Canada. Lila will serve as the Executive Director for Canada, and will also be part of the ACFE Group’s North America regional leadership. Lila will work alongside ACFE Group’s founder Stanley Ndambakuwa who is serving as ACFE Canada's Chairman in the next four years.

Lila Ibrahim was born in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada to a Ukrainian mother and Lebanese father. From the very beginning, she was learning various languages, and about different cultures, discovering the challenges that vulnerable communities in these countries have faced. Lila is an aspiring and highly motivated international development professional with a strong passion for creating strategies toward education to the most vulnerable communities in the world. She received her education in Canada, where she is a graduate in Bachelors of Social Sciences with a minor in Global studies. She also has three years of education in International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa. 

Her professional career began on her work term at AIMS, The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, in Kigali, Rwanda where she was working with the Program and Grants team working with international donors such as The MasterCard Foundation, Robert-Bosch and several African governments. Lila has also worked with an up and coming Information Technology Company in Rwanda as a Communications Marketing Manager. She has experience working with Amnesty International, advocating for the rights and needs of the most vulnerable groups of different countries, and the least developed countries. She also has previous experiences working with AIESEC as a Global Village Manager, managing university students on their volunteer exchanges. 

Her deep knowledge of development issues has been intensified by extensive travel, both professional and privately, in countries such as Japan, USA, Ukraine, Lebanon, Cuba, Rwanda, Uganda, and France. With the mixture of developing and developed countries that she has travelled to, she has acquired knowledge of the positive and negative impacts of globalization. Lila brings the much needed skills, experience, the energy and leadership to the ACFE Group community, and in particular to her role as Executive Director for ACFE Canada.

Lila was engaged by the African Community Fund for Education Group in the summer of August 2017, and through a number of interviews with ACFE Group’s representations in Canada and South Africa, the Board resolved to her appointment as the interim Executive Director in first year. Lila is expected to take a permanent appointment to this position after serving as Interim for 12 months. 

Lila hopes to grow her leading role as Executive Director at ACFE Canada by selflessly following ACFE Group’s vision to positively impact the African community through innovative strategies and partnerships with stakeholders globally. 

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