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ACFE Canada appoints Stanley Ndambakuwa as first Board Chairman

Mr Stanley Ndambakuwa (Zimbabwean)

Chairman - Board of Directors

African Community Fund for Education Canada -

Fonds Communautaire Africain pour L'Education Canada

Founder of the African Community Fund for Education Group, Member of the Advisory Board at UNISA & Open University IDEAS Partnership) 2017 - 2019.

Bachelor of Social Science (Monash University) 2013

 '...hope lies in our potential to raise unfortunate lives.' - Stanley Ndambakuwa

ACFEG Chief, Stanley Ndambakuwa was appointed to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors for African Community Fund for Education Canada for first four years. This decision follows the first Board meeting held on 15 September 2017. Stanley Ndambakuwa is the designated founder of ACFE Canada incorporated and wholly owned by the ACFE Group.

Stanley Ndambakuwa is the Founder, President and Group Chief Executive of the African Community Fund for Education Group, a non-governmental organisation which focuses on empowering the African community through education and leadership development. Stanley was born in Mvuma, Zimbabwe into a deprived environment where he suffered financial challenges at an early stage in his life. By using a natural instinct of innovation, Stanley started his educational journey by helping his parents to work in the fields in communities to raise money for secondary education. Post-secondary education was a great challenge for him financially, but a local District Head helped him to receive the Presidential Scholarship Award from the Government of Zimbabwe in 2010. Given this privilege, Stanley worked diligently and completed a Bachelor of Social Science at Monash University in 2013.

Stanley was an active student elected thrice as President of a student organisation called Society of Monash University’s Geographers and Environmentalists which helped him to unleash his creativity and leadership abilities for three years. In addition to his developing skills, he participated as Mentee in the Monash Alumni Student Mentoring Program which helped him to understand the problems of other youths, and to become a Residence Mentor at Monash South Africa, where he mentored fellow students on personal and academic challenges.

Having worked in various communities, he learnt more about other youths who are living in poverty and with this insight he began to seek for ways to change the lives of others. Stanley joined hands with a fellow student during a campus holiday and founded the African Community Fund for Education Group (ACFEG) in 2013 which focuses on empowering the African community through education and leadership development by availing education funds to the disadvantaged in marginalised communities. He was first mentored by Rev. Andrew Wutawunashe, Author of Dear Africa who taught him to live the African dream, to love it and to own it. Stanley is currently being mentored by Mr. Christopher Che, the President & CEO of Che International Group, an American millionaire, and a former member of President Obama’s 2011 – 2012 Council for Jobs and Competitiveness.

Stanley is also assisted in his community development work by his personal Strategic Advisor, Ms. Carla D. Walker, an American strategist and the President & CEO of thinkBIG strategies who advise him on global development strategies. Stanley has a passion to help educate underprivileged children by raising funds. His deepest desire is to make education affordable so that the brilliant minds of Africa can bring their share of influence to the global village.

In his first interview with Mark Macomber in the United States, Stanley described his vision as a unique story of his personal life.’ His first interview became a voice of the voiceless. Stanley’s work based on creating social programs for Africa inspires young minds and enriches the experience of those leaders around the world whob seek for ways of positive and impactful involvement in Africa. ‘I want to see a world where young people are groomed to think with a global focus’ He says.

Stanley knows how it feels to have the desire to go to school without the means for paying tuition.He was the first to have a college degree in his family. He believes that there are many who can share his dream if they are given the power of knowledge that is found in education. It did not seem like Stanley had a future but education made it possible for him and he realised that there are manywho share similar stories and by shared experiences, Stanley is convinced that an education opportunity is significant to change the world. Now Stanley says, ‘Education is a master key that can open many doors of opportunity especially in a competitive and credentialed global village. It takes one man or woman to educate one child and with each of us sharing one dollar each, a million of us can send a village to school and out of those students will emerge world leaders.’

In 2015, Stanley spearheaded the launch of the celebrated ‘Educate the Girl Child Campaign’ in Harare, Zimbabwe against child marriages. The campaign aims to create awareness about, and to take responsibility for the inclusive and sustainable education of girls. The campaign is centered around creating and sustaining opportunities for educating girls and reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS on school completion for girls.

Inspired by real life experiences and a humble devotion to public duty, from a disadvantaged young background to an inspired student leader and now President & Group CEO of a growing International NGO, Stanley completed his first book to be published soon titled, “One Extra Mile” which talks about the action, service, humility and vulnerability that one goes through when they decide to take an extra mile. Stanley says his book will help to awaken a new generation and is an edge through which young people will find balance and enlighten their dreams.

Stanley is the Chairman of African Community Fund for Education Canada, an ACFE Group subsidiary in Canada. He was recently appointed to the Advisory Board of the UNISA and Open University’s IDEAS Partnership. The Project is funded with R12 million from a partnership of the Newton Fund, South Africa’s National Research Foundation and the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council, and aims to facilitate equitable access to quality education for International Distance Education students. Stanley is expected to public his all time first autobiography in the months ahead. ACFE Canada is expected to officially open business in Canada in  March 2018.

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