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Dear friends, 

First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to the African Community Fund for Education Canada. We are a fast-growing non-for-profit organization that takes pride in reaching out and developing the African community. 

My desire to be apart of ACFE Canada’s vision was when I returned to Canada from my trip to Rwanda. Not only was I able to see the potential of the country, I was able to see that African communities are so full of hope, joy, perseverance, and growth. I personally would love to help recreate the image of Africa through every resource and connection that I have in North-America, and working together with my fellow Canadians. With all of the negative perceptions that arise when Africa is spoken about, it can be quite difficult to introduce Africa’s potential. I want to help change that image to a more positive one - an image that exemplifies the true nature of the African community.

ACFE Canada takes pride in its goals, and I am just one person who is part of a team of passionate and hard-working leaders. With the funds we receive, we hope to meet every educational goal that we have, alongside growing our team to further implement initiatives to serve our bigger picture: challenging extreme poverty and  providing educational and leadership opportunities to disadvantaged communities. 

We have opportunities for people of all ages and from different walks of life. If you are interested in getting involved, do not hesitate to reach out to us. The change that we seek begins with you. We would love for you to be apart of this dynamic, diverse, and driven team of individuals. The best preparation for tomorrow are the things that you do today. In order to set yourself up for success, you must begin. Be inspired today.

Our website is a great way to get involved, and learn about how you would like to fit into our picture. There is a place for anyone and everyone willing to join. While the road to reaching our goals will not be easy, it is important to remember that the most difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. 

Being a part of this vision means that you get to help people. If you have a heart for people, and an extraordinary determination to change the world, I highly encourage you to join our wonderful team. 

Join our ACFE Canada family today and help us change the world one African country at a time. The continent awaits us all! 


Lila Ibrahim 
Interim Executive Director

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