Board of Directors

Stanley Ndambakuwa (Zimbabwean)

Chairman, Obama Scholar (Chicago, IL)

B.Soc.Sci. (Monash University)


Mr. Stanley Ndambakuwa is the founder of the African Community Fund for Education, as well as the Chairman at African Community Fund for Education Canada. From 2011 to 2013, he served as the President of the Society of Monash University's Geographers and Environmentalists. Stanley has held other positions including Vice-President of the Monash University Student Organization South Africa. He is currently working on programs that focus on the empowerment of Africans through education and leadership development, with particular focus on marginalized groups in the society which include destitute women and girls.



B.A. Political Science & Modern History (University of Zurich)


Alessandra Ramacci is a Swiss Political Scientist who has been involved in Political Campaigns, Organizing, and Non-Profit fundraising with various non-profits in the Switzerland. She is a graduate in Political Science and Modern History from the University of Zurich, and has focused on international development, conflict resolution, and international politics. Alessandra brings a range of skills to our team, including her leadership acumen and a protuberance of various international experiences. She is a French Teacher and community organizer.


Alessandra has been involved with a Swiss charity ‘Boky Mamiko Library Project’ where she helped to launch at the University of Zurich. The charity is focused on increasing access to education for children that live in Djangoa. Alessandra has also worked in Djangoa assisting with the inaugural volunteer program which allowed volunteers to work with local schools.


Alessandra has also worked for the Social Democratic Party in Switzerland, where she assisted with the organization of local elections and referendum campaigns. A passionate leader, Alessandra about international development and empowerment of communities through improved access to education. As part of her employment history, Alessandra worked in Dubendorf, Switzerland on Marketing Programs for HR Campus AG.



Message from the Founder & Chairman, Stanley Ndambakuwa

Lila Ibrahim (Canadian)

Secretary & Executive Director

BSoc.Sci. International Development & Globalization (University of Ottawa)


Ms. Lila Ibrahim was born in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada to a Ukrainian mother and Lebanese father. From the very beginning, she was learning languages, and about different cultures, discovering the challenges that vulnerable communities in these countries have faced. Lila is an aspiring and highly motivated international development professional with a strong passion for creating strategies towards education to the most vulnerable communities in the world. She received her education in Canada, where she is a graduate in Bachelors of Social Sciences with a minor in global studies. She also has three years of education in international Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa. 

Her professional career began on her work term at AIMS, The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, in Kigali, Rwanda where she was working on the program and grants team working with international donors such as The MasterCard Foundation, Robert-Bosch and several African governments. Lila has also worked with an up and coming information technology company in Rwanda as a communications marketing manager. Lila has experienced working with Amnesty International, advocating for the rights and needs of the most vulnerable groups of countries, and the least developed countries. She has also received experience working with AIESEC as a global village manager, managing university students on their volunteer exchanges. 

Her deep knowledge of developed issues has been intensified by extensive travel, both professional and privately, in countries such as Japan, USA, Ukraine, Lebanon, Cuba, Rwanda, Uganda, and France. With the mixture of developing and developed countries that she has traveled to, she has acquired knowledge of the positive and negative impacts  of globalization.

Dr. Aaron N. Yarmoshuk (Canadian)

Canadian Researcher & Consultant

PHD, 2018, Public Health, UWC, South Africa, MSC, 2003, LSE, United Kingdom, BA (Hons) Political Science, 1993 Dalhousie University, Canada

Aaron Yarmoshuk is a researcher and consultant based in Canada.  He has worked across East, Southern and West Africa for twenty years on a range of projects with rural communities, universities and private companies and conducting research.  He worked in Malawi for four years implementing primary health care, water, sanitation and hygiene, and natural resource management projects with a Canadian NGO.  For 10 years he managed a portfolio of partnerships with sub-Saharan African universities, including Moi University in Kenya, University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria and the University of Namibia, for the University of Toronto.  His consultancy work includes leading a community needs assessment for a Canadian mining company in Namibia.  Aaron completed his PhD in Public Health at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa.  He holds a BA (Honours) from Dalhousie University, Canada, and a MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom. 

Dr. Rudo Sithole (Zimbabwean)

Senior Lecturer at University of Zimbabwe

PhD, Msc (Entomology), Bsc.

Dr. Rudo Sithole holds three degrees including a first class Msc. in Tropical Entomology. She is a recipient of several meritorious scholarships including John Wakeford, Ford, BMZ and BioNET International in Britain. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in the Natural Sciences field of Entomology. She is the current Executive Director of the International Council of African Museums, AFRICOM. She also served as the Director of the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe which ranks among the four largest museums in Africa.


Dr Sithole started her career in heritage and museums management almost three decades ago at the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe. She progressed through the ranks to become Director of this museum. During her time as head of this institution, among other things she facilitated the completion of the Old Bulawayo Theme Park and chaired the finalization of the Matobo World Heritage Area Management Plan.


Dr. Sithole is an accomplished and distinguished researcher and thought leader in the field of heritage management. She has described more than a hundred species new to science. She is a former President of ICOM Zimbabwe and has had several positions in the boards of heritage, research and academic organizations locally and internationally. She is well known for her ability to mobilize both technical and financial resources as well as for initiating, establishing and maintaining local and international partnerships.


Additionally Dr. Sithole is passionate about youth empowerment through education particularly the girl child. As a result she is a youth motivational speaker and she conducts youth seminars on ‘goal setting and achievement’ among many other youth focused topics.

Georgina Babli (Ivorian)

Production Analyst at CRH Canada

BASC. Chemical Engineering (Universite d'Ottawa)

Georgina Babli is a Production Analyst at CRH Canada Group Inc., one of the Canada's leading vertically integrated building materials manufacturers and construction companies. A graduate in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ottawa, and a Member of the Engineers without Borders, Georgina developed her career from being a Student Mentor to becoming a Project Manager in Communications Accessibility Compliance before joining CRH Canada. She brings to ACFE Canada her Project Management experiences. While working with the University of Ottawa, she analyzed University communication materials to ensure compliance with the Accessibility Act for Disabilities, and acquired advanced computer skills by developing communication tools such as workshops and guidelines on producing accessible documents in office applications.


Rest in Peace Stephanie Lacroix

Stephanie passed on in a tragedy of the 

Ethiopian Airlines (Boeing 737 Max 8) plane crash

on Sunday March 10, 2019 in Addis Ababa

Stephanie was a Board Member since Apr 2018.

Stephanie Lacroix (Canadian)

Volunteer Support Advisor at World University of Service Canada

Bsc. International Development & Globalization (University of Ottawa)


Stephanie Lacroix has worked in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Malawi with a background in youth engagement and leadership. She has participated in the International Development and Diplomacy Internship Program where she worked in Recovery and Disaster Risk Management for the United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office. Completing her Bachelor in International Development and Globalization, she continued to work with the University of Ottawa as a Residence Life Coordinator developing the first ever Living Learning Community in residence based on Community Engagement and Leadership, linking students with volunteer opportunities in the Ottawa community. She is passionate about informal education for youth and empowering vulnerable population in Southern Africa. Stephanie is the current Volunteer Support Advisor at World University of Service Canada (WUSC) in Malawi, and is responsible for the leadership and management of international and local volunteers.

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