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Minimizing the impact of poverty by promoting empowerment opportunities for the marginalized through educational and leadership programs.

African Community Fund for Education Canada - Fonds Communautaire Africain pour L'Education Canada is a Not-for-Profit organisation that focuses on empowering the disadvantaged in marginalised African communities through our education and leadership development. Our core existence lies in providing education and financial support to the destitute in underpriviledged communities


ACFE Canada is organised around its core values which guide its internal and external conduct and its relationship with partners. It is in line with ACFE Canada mission and values that we embrace the following as our core business values.

  • Ethical  
    We are committed to the highest levels of ethical behavior.  This commitment to integrity is reflected in our governance structures, financial management and our choice of Partners.


  • Compassionate
    We are standing together to continue the advocacy for access to education as a basic human right in the communities we reach out to.


  • Passionate 
    Above all else we are committed to achieving substantive results in the area of education.  We work to the highest standards with a personal sense of responsibility to our cause.


  • Responsive 
    This is reflected in our relationships with our stakeholders.  We strive for timely and constructive engagement at all times.


  • Equal opportunity                                                                                             

We do not retain any bias in respect of race, nationality, religious beliefs, political affiliation or sexual orientation.  Our selection criteria are transparent and available for public consumption.

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